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Akhuwat Faisalabad Institute of Research, Science and Technology



Akhuwat Faisalabad Institute of Research, Science and Technology (FIRST), has been set up in Faisalabad at Chak 250 RB, about thirty minutes’ drive from the city centre and five minutes’ drive from Faisalabad international Airport. The primary aim of the institute since the past 10 years has been to impart quality education in science and technology and promotion of applied and basic research.

Presently the institute has covered an area of about thirty seven thousand square feet which adequately caters to the requirements of undergraduate courses in B.Sc. (Hons) in Biotechnology. We are extending our educational, laboratory and research facilities as our program is expanding to include more disciplines. A new custom made hostel is under construction to accommodate 300 students.

We have about two hundred and twenty kanals of land on which to construct the integrated campus, including female student hostels and staff residences. Facilities for student play grounds and athletics are also available. Currently we have an arrangement for female hostelites as well in Faisalabad City.

We have a forward looking vision to develop this institute into a world class facility for research and education.

Biotechnology; Scope in Present and Future:

Biotechnology is essential for the sustainable development of the country. This is in fact the science of the future and the experts in this discipline are in highest demand, in Pakistan as well as abroad.

Biotechnology is currently being used in many areas including agriculture, bioremediation, food processing and energy production. DNA fingerprinting is becoming a common practice in forensics. Production of insulin and other medicines is accomplished through cloning of vectors that carry the chosen gene. In agriculture, genetic engineering is being used to produce plants that are resistant to insects, weeds and plant diseases.

The future of biotechnology is so promising that experts in this field are surprising the world with new improved quality products. There are artists and architects collaborating with biochemists and geneticists to theorize about the possibility of creating living houses for humans. These houses would be made of living plants genetically engineered to be perfect habitats living symbiotically with humans, including cool or warm climate controls, plumbing (fresh water and waste digestion), food provision, and light energy capture, storage, and production. Different textures, colours, and functions are unlimited in theory. Researchers have recently isolated the genes related to schizophrenia and are conducting research leading to the investigation of a cure or treatment.

The last few decades of 20th century have witnessed the development of a number of novel and new techniques in biological sciences that have not only taken research to a greater level, but also hold the great promise of a better life for the upcoming future. Therefore, it is very crucial for Pakistan to play and contribute to new developments in this field. We are proud to be the first to provide a dedicated and research based degree to our talented students.

Scope of Biotechnology graduates:

The graduates will be able to find lucrative opportunities in many industries e.g. Pharmaceutical industry, chemical and bio-process technology industry, research fields, medical laboratories technology, teaching, agriculture. There are also attractive career opportunities available in petrochemical industry where the biotechnology graduates will play an important role to develop new compounds, extremophiles and oil spills.

Biotechnology also has a strong role in environmental protection practices as this field helps to identify and improve the fungi and bacterial culture to use them in environmental cleansing.

Health technology and medical research is also one of those fields in which biotechnology is high in demand as biotechnology is required to develop various medicines to detect and treat various diseases.

Mission and Goals:

We foresee that Akhuwat FIRST will develop into a technical university dedicated to science and technology, exploring new frontiers in science and emerging technologies, creating new knowledge and actively participating in the industrial and agricultural development of the country through targeted research. It will be an institute with a purpose and a vision of serving the people with a practical and pragmatic approach while training its students to become dedicated to the discipline of science for a life time. It hardly needs pointing out that teaching of science especially Biotechnology is essential for the sustainable development of the country. This is in fact the science of the future and the experts in this discipline are in highest demand, in the country as well as abroad.

Ours is a country which is in the developing phase and new industries are getting established. These will require trained personnel in various scientific disciplines. It is our endeavour to meet the demands of the society by producing scientists and researchers.

Scheme of Studies for B.Sc. (Hons) in Biotechnology

First Professional

Paper 1 Introductory Biotechnology

1. Introductory Biotechnology-1

2. Introductory Biotechnology-2

Paper 2 Chemistry-1

1. Physical Chemistry

2. Organic chemistry-1

Paper 3 Islamic Studies/Ethics Pak Studies

1. Islamic Studies/Ethics

2. Pak Studies

Paper 4 Biological Sciences

1. Plant Sciences

2. Animal Sciences

Paper 5 Communication Skills

1. Basics In Computer Sciences

2. Communication Skills

Second Professional

Paper 1 Biological Chemistry 1

1. Biological Chemistry (A)

2. Biological Chemistry (B)

Paper 2 Chemistry 2

1. Organic Chemistry 2

2. Enzymology

Paper 3 Cell Biology & Genetics

1. Cell Biology

2. Genetics

Paper 4 Microbiology & Plan Physiology

1. Microbiology

2. Plant Physiology

Paper 5 Biomathematics & Biostatistics

1. Bio-Mathematics

2. Bio-Statistics

Third Professional

Paper 1 Biotechnology Basics

1. Elements of Biotechnology

2. Techniques of Biotechnology

Paper 2 Molecular Biology

1. Molecular Biology

2. Recombinant DNA Technology

Paper 3 Genetic Engineering

1. Microbial Genetics

2. Principles of Biochemical Engineering

Paper 4 Biotechnology of Plants & Animals

1. Plants Biotechnology

2. Animals Biotechnology

Paper 5 Biological Chemistry

1. Metabolism-1

2. Metabolism-2

Final Professional

Paper 1 Bioinformatics and Economics

1. Bioinformatics

2. Economics & Business Applications

Paper 2 Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology

1. Industrial Biotechnology

2. Environmental Biotechnology

Paper 3 Food Biotechnology and Immunology

1. Food Biotechnology

2. Immunology

Paper 4 Research Methods in Biotechnology

1. Skills & Research Methodology for Biotechnology

2. Medical Technology

Paper 5 Two Option Courses out of (to be decided as per number of students)

• Protein Structure, Function and Engineering
• Advanced Molecular Biology
• Advanced Immunology
• Advanced Microbiology
• Industrial Enzymology
• Renewable Resource Technology
• Agriculture Biotechnology
• Waste Management Biotechnology
• Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
• Proteomics
• Mixed Microbial Processes
• Aquaculture Biotechnology
• Marine Biotechnology
• Biodiversity and Genetics Conservation
• Cell and Tissue Culture
• Transgenic Plants
• Transgenic Animals
• Stem Cells and Therapeutic Cloning
• Gene Therapy
• Genomics
• Safety Considerations for Biotechnology Processes


We are the first Institution in Pakistan to provide a focused and dedicated research program in Biotechnology and our mission is to develop the top biotechnology professionals to meet the needs of our country. We are working on providing state of the art lab equipment for the students to conduct their experiments and a top quality library with quality books imported from abroad to help them equip themselves with up to date knowledge of their field. As stated above, there are countless opportunities available in this field and Akhuwat is confident that our graduates will play an important role to develop and improve the different industries of Pakistan which will ultimately help our country economically.

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