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Islamic Finance And The Role Of Qard-al-Hassan(Benevolent Loans)In Enhancing Inclusion:A Case Study Of Akhuwat
    By (Zamir Iqbal)

'Better evidence means less poverty'
    By (Ajaz Ahmed Khan) Thursday, 15 October 2015

'The Right Type of Microfinance'
    By (Ajaz Ahmed Khan) July 28, 2015

'Without Charity'
    By (Yasir Habib Khan) July 12, 2015

'Dr. Amjad Saqib's Interview in Program Mulaqat on Such TV'
    By (Muhammad Hanif Qamar) Thursday, March 05, 2015

'More than just microfinance- How Pakistan’s largest Islamic Microfinance Institution supports one of the country’s most stigmatized communities– 1: LendwithCare.org'
    By (Khan, Ajaz Ahmed ) Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"Liberation loans" offered by our partner in Pakistan to free poor people from spiralling debt– 2: LendwithCare.org'
    By (Khan, Ajaz Ahmed ) Thursday, 6 February 2014

'From Zakat Beneficiary (Mustahiq) to Zakat Giver (Muzakki) – 2: The Akhuwat Experiment'
    By (Mohammed Obaidullah) Blogger at http://sadaqa.in , April 08, 2014

'Akhuwat Newsletter Vol 1, Issue 2'
    February, 2014

'Creating little islands of hope'
    By Agha Akbar, Feburary 08, 2014

'Liberation loans" offered by our partner in Pakistan to free poor people from spiralling debt'
    By Dr. Ajaz Ahmed Khan, Feburary 06, 2014

'Akhuwat Newsletter Vol 1, Issue 1'
    January, 2014

akhuwat'Charitable giving: Donation-based model of banking'
    December 29, 2013,

'Does Faith Matter?'
    Ajaz Ahmed Khan, Microfinance Advisor at CARE International
    December 20, 2013

'Akhuwat ka Safar'
    Waheed Mughal, PhD candidate in Social Policy and Administration University of Nottingham, UK
    November 06 , 2013

Speech at launching ceremony of 'Akhuwat ka safar'
    Dr Shoaib Sultan, Chairman NRSP  
    October 12, 2013

Microfinance Summit 2013
    Dr Amjad Saqib  
    July 09, 2013

The Collective and the Individual: Re-thinking the Role of Altruism in Institutions Through Akhuwat’s Example
    by Natasha Ansari under the Direction of Professor Shahrukh R. Khan
    A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of Mount Holyoke College
    May, 2013

What RBS and the banks can learn from early Islam
    Dr Peter Frankopan  
    April 11, 2013

What RBS and the banks can learn from early IslamBanking on Brotherhood
    Shahzada Irfan Ahmed
    March, 2012

Financial Viability vs Social Commitment
    Sadiqa Oshiro
    March, 2012

Akhuwat: Making Microfinance Work
    Kamal Munir
    February, 2012
    Stanford Social Innovation Review

Vision of an NGO
    Anum Asif, Maryam Saba, Saleha Sohail, Sarah Shabbir
    Lahore University of Management Sciences

Pakistanis have Better Stories to Tell
    Imran Sarwar
    Harvard University

Still Powerless
    Javeria Niazi
    February, 2012

Peace Redefined by Akhuwat
    Abdul Basit Khwaja
    February, 2012

A Dose of Akhuwat
    Saad Malik
    January, 2012

Faith and Philanthropy in Pakistan
    Christopher Candland
    June, 2011

An Interest-Free Approach to Microfinance
    Omar Azeez Babar
    June, 2011

Faith-based Solution to Poverty Alleviation
    Naufil Sharukh
    May, 2011

Dr. Amjad Saqib and Akhuwat Foundation
    Danish Umer
    December, 2010

Microcredit to Support Reconstruction After Floods
    Tanvir Shahzad and Thomas Baerthlein
    August, 2010
    Deutsche Welle

Akhuwat versus Other Agendas
    Jalees Hazir
    May, 2010

Akhuwat: A Role Model for All Micro-Finance Institutions
    January, 2010

The Interest-Free Microfinance Option
    Nimra Amjad
    October, 2009

microfinanceEntrepreneurship and Microfinance - A tool for empowerment of poor
    Zahid Mustafa, Nodirbek Ismailov
    June, 2008

Story of Interest Free Brotherhood
    Fakhra Hassan
    November, 2007

Microfinance made Easier
    Syed Mohammad Ali
    July, 2007

The Micro Credit Success Story
    Zofeen T. Ibrahim
    February, 2006


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