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More than just microfinance - How Pakistan’s largest Islamic Microfinance Institution supports one of the country’s most stigmatized communities Khwaja Siras


Socio-economic Reintegration of Khwaja Siras

  Create a society where the transgendered are treated as equal citizens without prejudice or discrimination.
  To alleviate poverty the plight of the transgendered by building a support system using Zakat funds that empowers them socially, emotionally and economically.
In line with Akhuwat’s main vision of creating a poverty free society built on the principles of compassion and equity, the organization has launched a special initiative with Fountain House for a very special subgroup of society – the transgenders or khwaja siras of Pakistan.

The khwaja sira community is arguably the most disadvantaged group in Pakistan, suffering exclusion in the spaces of social and cultural life; economy; and politics and decision-making processes, yet, it is also the most neglected in terms of social interventions.

Drawing on the principles of social justice and brotherhood, Akhuwat strives to empower the transgendered by building a support system using Zakat funds. The program has several intended stages, starting with social engagement and provision of a small income supplement (Rs.1000) to the most vulnerable. In its final form, Akhuwat and Fountain House hopes to be able to reintegrate the khwaja siras it works with back into society as equal citizens. The intended program stages are as follows:
  Zakat donations for this initiative may be sent to the following bank account:

  Account Title: Akhuwat Takaful Pool  
  Account Number: 0222-03600000079  
  Bank Name: Meezan Bank Limited  



The first stage of the program is to reach out to the khwaja sira community in order to better understand the unique culture, ideas, emotions, and social make-up of this unique subgroup. With this objective, Akhuwat aims to register at least five hundred transgendered individuals by the end of the first quarter of 2012. Due to difficult access to transgendered individuals, Akhuwat has adopted a peer-based outreach technique for socially engaging khwaja siras. After making an initial effort to build connections within the transgendered community, the program now relies on registered khwaja siras to bring more members of their community to Akhuwat. As an incentive, a small referral bonus is given if a referred individual meets our criteria of vulnerability. Transportation allowance and lunch is also given to interviewees. Interviews, preliminary screening and registration are done at Fountain House by a team of trained psychologists on a rolling basis. 
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