Another Step towards institutionalization, Akhuwat has been incorporated as a company under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984                         A Donated Brick Worth Rs. 1000/- Can Make You One Of The Owners Of Akhuwat University


Human Resources
Akhuwat has well defined recruitment policy. Vacant positions are filled with suitable candidates possessing requisite qualifications. The academic level required for Unit Managers is Matriculation or Intermediate, for Branch Managers Bachelor in Commerce or equivalent degree is required. It has been relatively easy to find suitable candidates and retain them in their jobs. Staff turnover has been very low which reflects a high degree of commitment and motivation among the staff members. Akhuwat has over a period developed a comprehensive Manual covering areas like operations, administration, human resource, finance, audit, fund mobilization etc. New clauses emerging from policy decisions are added to it from time to time. The manual has clearly defined job responsibilities for all positions and also provides guidelines for branch management. New hires start as interns and go through an intensive three month training in microfinance before they are inducted as regular staff members. Staff members are also provided with various incentives and medical facility.

Expansion Strategy
Akhuwat is not in competition with other MFIs. It is a completely different model which is free from interest and commercial considerations of all nature and dimensions, including sources of funding. Akhuwat closely follows the principle that success is not confined to sustainability of figures; how widely the model is replicated, how effectively and efficiently the poor are served, is more important. Numbers overwhelm but saving the life of one person is akin to saving the entire mankind. Akhuwat emphasis in replicating the model, looking for local partners and like minded people to start a branch in their own cities. In case a partner organization is found Akhuwat provides training to the local staff, helps in setting up the branch. Leaving the operations to the partner organization, Akhuwat acts as monitoring organization. A team from Akhuwat head office regularly visits the branches for monitoring and training purposes.

Policy Environment
Akhuwat enjoys tax exemption granted by the Commissioner of Income Tax under section 2(36) of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001. Akhuwat is also registered with Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) under certificate no. PCP-R1/2008/0104. Akhuwat is also a member of Pakistan Microfinance Network (PMN).

Audit System
The organizational structure is well defined and the hierarchies provide various checks briefly indicated here below:

  • The Area Managers spend one day every week in the branches under his control.
  • The Credit Operations Manager visits the branches ones in a month.
  • The Finance Manager monitors the funds inflows and outflows, he also visits the branches every month.
  • The Internal Auditor carries out audit of the branches quarterly.
  • An External Auditor carries out an appraisal of the branches annually.
  • Every year social audit is also conducted in which 80% credit cases are physically verified during field visits.
  • External Audit is conducted by a reputed Chartered Accountant Firm annually.



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