The operation of Akhuwat is a social contract. It is a promise made by the well-off towards the less fortunate. Therefore, we encourage everyone to play their role in any way they can. Akhuwat is immensely supported by a network of volunteers who contribute their services from time to time. We believe that an ideal social enterprise employs a devoted blend of volunteerism and necessary compensation, and we preach the same principle to our employees. We encourage them to contribute to this brotherhood beyond what is dictated by their formal contract. By fostering a spirit of volunteerism, Akhuwat strives to mobilize all members of society to become an active member in poverty alleviation.

Volunteers Activities

  1. Help fulfilling our mission.
  2. Help create social change in your spheres of power and influence.
  3. Build sustainability of work and increase diverse perspectives in the organization.
  4. Help raise money and stimulate interest of donors.
  5. Increase credibility, particularly in campaign work.
  6. Act as a catalyst to change the attitudes and beliefs in your communities.