Mr. Nasir Tunio has a bachelor degree in Arts and Law from the University of Sindh and did his MBA from UT Austin. He has served with the Government of Sindh and Pakistan, in the private sector and in non-government organizations in Pakistan and abroad for the past 35 years. He has held positions including Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Director, Manager in both the private and public sector including Henny’s private Limited, Block by Block and Mir Sourcing, Inc. He was entrusted with the responsibility for leading and execution of the long term developmental strategy of these organizations.

He brings to Akhuwat his skills to navigate through everyday life scenarios and challenges faced by the marginalized communities specifically in areas of education and micro financing.


Masters in Business Administration for Austin, Texas, USA
Bachelor degrees in Arts and Law from University of Sindh
Being selected in CSS batch of 1985


Government of Pakistan
Government of Sindh
Henny’s Private Limited (Supply Chain and Food Distributor and Retailer)
Block By Block ( Construction, Land Development and Holding)
Mir Sourcing, Inc. (Property Management & Real Estate)
Akhuwat, Director (NGO – Interest Free Micro-Financing)
Kiran Foundation, Director (NGO–Out-of-Box Holistic Educational Paradigm)