Akhuwat Clothes Bank

Akhuwat Clothes Bank collects, sorts and cleans donated clothing and gifts them to low-income families. These gifts are disbursed throughout the year while special campaigns are carried out during peak winter season and natural disasters. Through the Clothes Bank, Akhuwat seeks to promote simple, compassionate, and eco-friendly lifestyles by fostering a culture of sharing and recycling. Established in 2013, the Clothes Bank also employs and trains trans people to run its various programs. Thousands of clothing items, home textiles, furniture, toys and books have been distributed throughout every corner of Pakistan to poor families through this initiative.


The team of Akhuwat Clothes Bank collects donated clothing through their dedicated staff, as well as branches. These donations are collected and brought to Akhuwat’s Head Office where they are cleaned and packed with care. Akhuwat’s existing network of over 800 branches helps identify neighborhoods and families in need of clothing, household accessories and other gifts. Efforts are made to distribute clothes in the poorest areas of Pakistan, including, Southern Punjab, Interior Sindh, Gilgit-Baltistan and Baluchistan.


Another important aspect of Akhuwat Clothes Bank is the engagement of transgenders in the processing of clothes collected from the donors. Clothes collected from the donors are sorted, repaired, stitched and packed by the transgenders employed at the organization so they can earn a decent livelihood and live a life of respect and dignity.


Akhuwat Clothes Bank Gift shop was inaugurated on the first anniversary of ACB. Located at the head office, any individual in need can walk into the gift shop and get clothes, toys, household items free of cost. For individuals getting married who cannot afford to purchase new clothes, wedding outfits can be borrowed without any rent.

Dewar–E– Akhuwat

Deewar-e-Akhuwat is an initiative of Akhuwat to integrate spirit of altruism in people by providing them with easily accessible platform where they can bring their clothes to those who are underprivileged and need decent clothing.

It follows the same token system on which one pair of clothes is allowed on one token. Deewar-e-Akhuwat has been most successful in rural Sindh, South Punjab and northern areas as well.

Progress Report till 2022

Sr No Indicators Total
1 Clothes Collected 3,239,523
2 Clothes Disbursed 3,022,341
3 Benefited Individuals 1,511,170
4 Benefited Families 3,97,086