With the onset of the global pandemic, Akhuwat launched several programs to fight against the COVID-19 crisis. One such initiative was the Dast-e-Muakhat Program conceived in collaboration with Akhuwat College Kasur’s Community Service club.

The Dast-e-Muakhat program aimed at mobilizing students enrolled in various Akhuwat educational institutions, to become active members in mitigating the effects of the virus in their respective communities. Each student/alumni part of the SLA initiative was tasked with identifying families whose lives have been severely hampered by the lockdown. Once these families were identified, each student/alumni was instructed to distribute an amount of Rs. 2,500 to each family.

The Dast-e-Muakhat program was implemented in three phases. Each phases enlisted students and alumni from a multitude of educational institutions under Akhuwat Educational Services and targeted numerous districts across Pakistan. The program eventually enlisted 831 students, alumni and teachers and provided financial aid to 4110 families across the country with a total disbursement amount of over 10 million rupees.

The Dast-e-muakhat project in its present form was designed and implemented with the help of Sarmad Nawaz Malik, a student from Lahore. The project’s documentation was initially intended to be paper-based. However, Mr. Sarmad proposed a different GIS-enabled digital-based model which would geo-tag and digitally log all transactions in a central database, thereby ensuring ease of reporting, operational visibility and transparency. As the Project Coordinator of this digitalization initiative, Sarmad worked with the Akhuwat team to help build the platform including the central database, and tabulated and analysed the resultant data.