Khwajasira Support Program

In the midst of hopelessness, when all your efforts towards spending a normal life are stifled by the affluent of the society, you are left with nothing but mere societal exclusion, sense of rejection and sheer disappointment. The Khawajasira community has been the victim of same stigma since forever. The community is not only deprived of the basic necessities, but also has been dispossessed from the vital and most fundamental rights such as identity, self esteem, dignity and most importantly, sense of being. Furthermore, Khawajasiras have been harshly rejected, fiercely in-tolerated and ruthlessly debarred from the society. They have been painfully left dependent on the alms and vulnerable to societal cruelty and brutality.

Main aim of Akhuwat is to painstakingly restore their value and presence in the society. Akhuwat does not wish to reform or recreate their culture, traditions or identity, however, it plans to uplift this marginalized community by initiating and implementing such sustainable efforts and programs that will guarantee self reliance, income generation and alleviate societal exclusion. Khawajasira Support Program was initiated in 2011. Ever since then it has become a symbol of strenuous efforts, unparallel activism and a beacon of joy and hope for the Khawajasira community. These years have been a myriad of the accounts of the Khawajasira community. The community has become more aware, empowered and employed since Akhuwat’s positive intervention. However, we see that there is still long way to go.

Eligibility Criteria

– Designed for khwajasiras 40 years or older
– Monthly income less than Rs.10,000

Member Benefits

– Unique Akhuwat ID card
– Monthly stipend of Rs.1200
– Sense of belonging to Akhuwat and society at large
– Health services- screening, monthly checkups, dispensation of medicine
– Mapping of Khwajasira Community & research based interventions
– Capacity building and employment.
– Peer guidance through promoting role models
– Sensitization campaigns for social acceptance

Akhuwat Khwajasira Support Program: Scorecard

Indicator Outcome
Khwajasira Beneficiaries 1700
Monthly Stipends of Rs 1200 PKR 19 million  (AksP 10 million, FH 9 million) (May 18- May 19)
Social Events (Monthly) Lahore: 5, Sargodha: 1, Faisalabad: 1, Karachi:1, Farooqabad: 1
Support Hubs

  • Existing Hubs
  • Pipeline Hubs
Lahore, Sargodha, Faisalabad, Karachi, Farooqabad,
Multan, Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar
Nadra NICs (CJP’s initiative) 140 new cards processed
Health Screening W.
(HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B&C, TB Syphilis)
Entire Support Hub Membership screened
(Annual cycle for 2018 completed)
Medical Facility Free medicine at Lahore Events.
Dam Fund CJP’s initiative PKR 144,730 contributed
Eid clothes
Ramzan Ration
Ramadan Iftar Dinners 
Eid ul Fitr 2018:  294 new suit
Eid ul Fitr  2019: 169 unstitched suits in Karachi, FSD, RYK, Jhang
Year 2019:
819 pkg through Support HubsHosted for member khwajasiras at Governor House Lahore, NJV School Karachi, Rahim Yar Khan: 119 Khwajasiras
Pre-owned clothes from Akhuwat Clothes Bank Entire membership 1500 (2018)
In progress (2019)
Loans for Entrepreneurship cb. 50 Interest-free Micro loans provided for stitching, garment selling, kiosks, embroidery, grocery store, beauty salon
Sensitization Workshops (future vision – awareness) 3 External + 8 (UNILEVER)
4 Internal
Fixed assets transfer for entrepreneurship 2 sewing machines in Faisalabad through lucky draw in Ramadan (May 2019)  + Stitching unit (Employs 10 people)
Employment/Placements 19
Capacity Building Program-
Guru Chaila Chain (GCC)
Stitching Unit Fountain House: 4 month course designed for 10 Khwajasiras commenced on July 1st , 2019.
Beautician and Grooming Pilot Project: 25 Khwajasiras of ages 18-39 years in partnership with PSDF and IFAP to start in Aug 2019

    • Candidates will be provided monthly stipend during training
    • Successful candidates to receive entrepreneurship loans and guaranteed employment opportunities

Additional training courses to be introduced through accredited service providers eg, TEVTA, PSDF & COTHM

Red Crescent Pakistan:
First Aid Training workshops took place in Faisalabad on the 28th and 29th of August. The program aimed to equip khwajasiras with life saving skills. The training session took place from 11pm to 4pm. Lunch was provided by AksP. The khwajasiras, at the end of the training, were provided with certification and a stipend.

  • Total Stipend Paid to Khwajasiras: PKR 12,500
  • Total Amount spent on Food: PKR 6,770
Linkages Established
  • Unilever Pakistan
  • IFAP
  • Punjab Skills Development Fund
  • Punjab AIDS Control Program
  • Mayo Hospital Lahore
  • Allied Hospital Faisalabad
  • Research collaboration with King Edward Medical University (KEMU) and Kinnaird College (KC)
  • Birth Defect Foundation

How can you help ?

  • Connect a khwajasira to Akhuwat KSP
  • Help Spread the Message
  • Become an Employer – Ask Akhuwat KSP to identify suitable khawajasira for your business.
  • Fund a Stipend for Khwajasiras
  • Fund Khwajasira set up a Business – qarz i hassan
  • Register with us as Friend of KSP

Contact us

Mobile: 0308-144-8464
Landline: 042- 35841221-2 ext 305