Organizational Structure

Akhuwat is governed by a board of directors; consisting of philanthropists, civil servants and businessmen. Dr. Amjad Saqib, a renowned social worker and development expert is the Executive Director of Akhuwat. The Board members have worked purely out of benevolence and the goodness of their hearts with no financial interests in their investments. The Head Office manages and organizes different activities and in-house projects.

Accountants APDC team Akhuwat Professional Development Cell (APDC) Sr. Accounts Manager Regional Accountants Divisonal Manager Accounts Asst. Accounts Managers Senior Accounts Ofcers Akhuwat University/College (Akhuwat First) Company Secretary Principal Sofware Developmen t Manager Senior Accounts Ofcers Marketng Ofcers Director Field Operatons Manager IT Director Academics Akhuwat College (Chakwal) Akhuwat Punjab School Ssupport Program (PSSP) Kasur College team Akhuwat College (Kasur) Chakwal College team PSSP team Project Manager Accounts Ofcers Admin Ofcers HR Executves Asst. HR Manager HR Manager HR Ofcers Assistnat Manager Marketng Admin Manager Asst. Admin Manager Divisional Managers Training Manager Asst. Training Manager Training Coordinator Marketng Executves Payroll Manager Asst. Payroll Manager Regional Managers Area Managers Project Managers Organogram (Akhuwat & Akhuwat Islamic Microfnance) Chief Admin Ofcer Head of Marketng BOD Executve Director Chief Operatng Ofcer Internal Auditors Internal Audit Managers Head of Internal Audit Audit Commitee Chief HR Ofcer Chief Financial Ofcer Chief Credit Ofcer Loan Ofcers Accounts Ofcers Accountants Asst. Area Accountants Area Accountants Accountants Narayan Jagannath Vaidya School Karachi (NJV) Project Manager Branch Managers Associate Sofware Engineers Accounts Ofcers Asst. Project Managers Deputy Manager IT IT support staf Project Director Principal Principal University/College team Manager Operatons (AIM) Manager Operatons (AES) Zakat Ofcer NJV team KSP team Clothes Bank team AHS team Akhuwat Clothes Bank (ACB) Project Manager Akhuwat Health Services (AHS) Khawaja sira Program (KSP) Project Manager Senior Medical Ofcer