Educational Services

For the last 17 years Akhuwat has been exclusively working with the marginalized community. Over the last couple of decades, it has strongly come under the observation that a noteworthy number of people are being deprived of the education since their lives are afflicted by the poverty. Gauging this need of the afflicted, Akhuwat decided to share their familial and financial burden through educating the deprived community. With a passion to alleviate poverty and becoming a ray of hope for the deprived community, Akhuwat has grown from one branch in Lahore to a wide network of 800+ branches all over Pakistan. It commenced its operations as Interest free Microfinance institution with first donation of Rs. 10,000. In 17 years it has lucratively reached a milestone of Rs. 100 billion. So far, Akhuwat has touched the lives 3 million+ families with positivity.

Akhuwat’s vision is to alleviate and eradicate poverty right from its root. This mission can only be achieved if the unprivileged community becomes educated. Education has its own undeniable significance, since at the time of need only an educated individual can create opportunities for himself. With an utmost faith in humanity, Akhuwat put its first step in providing free yet high quality education in 2015.

Akhuwat envisions a Pakistan where access to quality education is a norm and is ensured as a fundamental right for every citizen. So far, all of its educational institutions are a testament to this and substantiate its visionary statement.

Akhuwat University

This is the culmination of the education vision of Akhuwat. Akhuwat intends to set up and develop a world class university with the best facilities and an outstanding faculty for the under-privileged sector of society. This university will have campuses near to Lahore on Lahore-Kasur Highway and in D.G Khan District of Punjab. Most of the degrees and diplomas taught at University will be market attuned and technically aligned with the latest global practices of pedagogy. It will be the world’s first free residential University with world class quality practitioner focused education for the talented needy students.

Akhuwat College

The marginalized communities are regrettably deprived of the education. The children and the parents want to equip their children with education however; a stern fact remains intact i.e. financial exclusion. The purpose of establishing Akhuwat College was to address the aforementioned point at length. Once the marginalized community gets educated then it can easily be uplifted both socially and economically. After getting educated they can easily craft their own destiny and move up the social ladder.

Akhuwat College is a residential college, which is currently housing students belonging from all corners of Pakistan. Every student has a unique tale, yet all of them are united with a passion of pursuing knowledge, education and a better life. While providing high quality education to the young minds, the college also seeks to focus on cultivating unique talent through inspiring a deeper sense of morality and inculcating the values of discipline, hard work and volunteerism.

As far as the teachers are concerned, after thorough screening and interviews, Akhuwat College has hired majorly experienced, highly qualified, dedicated and devoted teachers. They go an extra mile in guiding, helping and grooming their students.

Akhuwat College for Women Chakwal
This is the newest Strategic Social Unit (SSU) of Akhuwat. The Akhuwat Education Services encompasses the following:-
    • Akhuwat Educational Assistance Program/Education Grants and Assistance Loans (EGAL): This program provides scholarships to the talented and needy students whereby they can study in the top medical, engineering and information & communication technology institutions around Pakistan. More than 605 students have benefited from this program.
    • Akhuwat Internship and Leadership Program: This unique program has previously been training 60 interns per year through a rigorous practicum focused four week module which sensitizes the interns to multiple organizations in the development sector. This year Akhuwat Internship and Leadership Program envisages to train over 315 interns in 9 different cities of Pakistan. An expatriate focused program has also been developed to instill compassion and empathy in students.
    • Akhuwat – MyBiz Enterprise Incubator: This Incubator Project is a joint collaboration between Akhuwat and My-Biz Pakistan Foundation. Initially, a pilot project of 20 micro-enterprises are being incubated. They will be provided Angel Investment, undergo capacity building and will be facilitated in marketing, financial services, advertising, product design, improvement and forward/backward integration. The pilot project will be gradually scaled up to eventually cater to 500 micro-enterprises.
    • Akhuwat WISE College: Catering to the needs of the talented students of least developed districts of Punjab whereby they are not only given free education but also free boarding, lodging and transportation. This project is being executed in strategic partnership with WISE group of Colleges. The students are undertaking I.Com, B.Com, M.Com and MBA degrees in the college. It is envisaged that over one thousand talented needy students will study in this college on a yearly basis and would subsequently achieve gainful employment.
    • Akhuwat Book Bank: Pakistan has undergone a significant change in economic growth during the last few years. It is getting strenuous for the people living at subsistence level to afford even the necessities of life. Considering such undesirable impact of inflation, Akhuwat has embarked upon several projects to support the people of Pakistan. The need for household items such as clothes, shoes, toys etc. is being supplemented by Akhuwat Clothes Bank and the provision of books to the needy will be catered by Akhuwat. To cater to this constraint, Akhuwat is developing Akhuwat BOOK BANK.
    • Akhuwat “Dreams” Project: Beginning in 2008, The Akhuwat Dream’s Project (previously “Make a Dream” project), was initiated in order to cater for the experiences or “Dreams” of children suffering from life- threatening medical conditions. The majority of children come from the most impoverished segments of society, with “Dreams” as simple as owning a bright toy car, a doll, or a trip to Wagha Border. Furthermore, the project operates through various hospitals (currently PIC and Mayo Hospital) that are also equipped with “Akhuwat Dreams” playrooms. These playrooms offer bright, positive and playful environments for sick children, granting them attention that is otherwise lacking in drab and serious hospital environments. Scientific research has proven that such an environment, that encourages play, attention, and granting of wishes to terminally ill children helps these stricken souls feel stronger, more energetic, and more capable in the fight against their illnesses. In addition to medical care, the experience of playing in Akhuwat Dreams playrooms and nurseries as well as the granting of wishes aids in curbing the emotional and physical pain of being terminally ill.

Akhuwat Shaheen Secondary School

Akhuwat Education Services plans to launch Akhuwat Shaheen Secondary School at Akhuwat College Kasur. Grade 9 classes will commence for Academic Year 2020-2021 from August 2020, In Sha Allah. Instep with Akhuwat Education Services vision and mission Akhuwat Shaheen School provides quality education without tuition fee.

Akhuwat Shaheen is pleased to announce the opening of our online admissions process for academic year 2020-21.

Please fill and submit the following admission form

Akhuwat NJV School Karachi

NJV Government Higher Secondary School, located at main MA Jinnah Road, Saddar, Karachi, is the oldest public school of Sindh with a history of over 160 years. Akhuwat adopted the school in 2015, with the objective to restore the school to its original grandeur and provide a platform to transform the underprivileged community and provide to them holistic education and support. Students are nurtured with different life skills to give them a 360-degree integrated model of learning and develop critical thinking. Alongside education, students are engaged in activities like photography, theater, gardening, football, table tennis, chess, scrabble, web designing, arts and cooking too as we believe extra-curricular activities give wings to the wisdom and imagination of young minds. Akhuwat, in partnership with Sindh Education Foundation, is also maintain a hostel that is catering to around 140 students, both girls and boys, on merit belonging to interior Sindh. The current enrollment of the school is around 1400 students.


For Akhuwat, the alleviation of poverty is a moral activity driven by compassion, guided by the principles of justice and equality. At Parwaaz, we believe in healing communities and fostering supportive relationships conducive to well-being so that together, we can eradicate injustice and realize our shared vision of a poverty-free society. As a project of Akhuwat, Parwaaz aims to inspire, nurture and support changemakers. Since its inception in October 2018, Parwaaz has established a Holistic Learning Center, co-working spaces, a training hub, and a research cell. It runs two flagship programs; monthly Baithaks and an annual Fellowship Program. Through these core functions, Parwaaz provides a safe space for intellectual reflection and dialogue, for learning and un-learning, and for working both independently and collectively to transform our worlds.