Akhuwat Health Services

A significant number of people are battling at front with socio-economic issues such as healthcare, education, clothes, shelter and other basic rights. Considering this stern fact, Akhuwat planned to converge its focus in addressing the healthcare issues. Statistically speaking, the slum areas of Pakistan severely lack in providing medical facilities. Doctors are found to be reluctant and hesitant in practicing in such areas. Moreover, the people are unable to afford a good doctor. Due to this, illness looms openly.

Akhuwat tends to provide health services to all in a healing environment where every patient feels at home. The aim of AHS is to educate people to maintain a healthy lifestyle and aims at promoting behaviors to sustained well-being. It intends to provide inclusive health care experience in order to improve the health conditions of the unprivileged as well as the middle class community. Akhuwat aims to provide preventive, primary and curative health services that are accessible at affordable cost along with focusing on the physical well-being. AHS strives to improve the mental and social well-being of the people, which are as important as the physical health.

Akhuwat performs health related research in order to ensure longevity of the health services. It provides professional trainings and collaborates with other health services providers to deliver state-of-the-art health facilities at model clinics, medical centers as well as the medical camps held. For the awareness, seminars and promotional campaigns are arranged and conducted to mobilize people towards a healthy lifestyle.

Akhuwat Health Services caters to the health needs of the poorest of the poor and the Akhuwat beneficiaries. It has developed a network of low priced medical services by collaborating with different hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers and pharmacies. Akhuwat has been able to develop its own clinic and diagnostic centers for the under privileged society of Lahore and has also developed a partnership with Emergency Management Services of LUMS whereby it will catalyze this movement of low cost provision of best health facilities to the deserving and needy. Akhuwat Health Services plans to replicate the EMS model in the other top universities of Pakistan. AHS has also initiated tele-medical advice facility in the rural area and its outreach is gradually spreading across the province of Punjab. Health camps and health awareness programs are a regular feature of AHS across the country.