Akhuwat Timeline


  1. Feb – Akhuwat’s Inception
  2. 26th March – Operational Commencement
  3. April – disbursed first 2 loans of amount Rs. 10,000.


  1. May – Akhuwat’s Registration got registered under the Societies Act as a Not for Profit organization.
  2. December – Tea parties for borrowers at governor house – 500 borrowers attended.


  1. Fundraising and loan disbursement event held at Governor’s House presided by president of Pakistan.


  1. Akhuwat provided 1100 loans to women in Aiwan – e – Iqbal where Lt. Gen. Ret. Khalid Maqbool was chief guest.
  2. Akhuwat disbursed loans to 600 women in the month of November.
  3. The board decided to send letters to affluent person of general public, motivating them to enhance the life membership of Akhuwat.


  1. Akhuwat was represented at an International Microfinance Event, Morocco in April. Delegates of the event appreciated interest free, community based lending model.
  2. Akhuwat became a member of the Pakistan Microfinance Network in July.
  3. Akhuwat opened its first branch outside of Lahore in Dijkot, District Faisalabad in August.
  4. Akhuwat reached South Punjab by opening its branch in Jahanian, Khanewal District in September.
  5. Akhuwat became a member of Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy in September.


  1. Operational Inauguration in Sindh.


  1. Commencement of Member Donor Program


  1. Abolished 51 membership fee


  1. 10th June – Government registered in United Kingdom
  2. 18th Novermber – Opened 50th branch in Nowshera
  3. Organised a loan disbursement event in honor of Italian Government. Event was graced by His Excellency Vicenzo Prati.
  4. Disbursement reached out to 4,000 borrowers.


  1. Akhuwat reached its PKR 1 Billion disbursement mark, having served 90,000 families by March.
  2. Akhuwat organized its congregation in Mosque Data Ganj Baksh (RA) where 3000 families received loans. The event was graced by the Chief Minister of Punjab, who requested Akhuwat to work in collaboration with the Government of the Punjab.
  3. Akhuwat organized and hosted an Inauguration Ceremony to disburse loans under the Chief Minister Self Employment Scheme graced by the Chief Minister of Punjab at Hazrat Shah Jamal Darbar, Lahore.


  1. Muhammad Amjad Saqib gave a lecture at Harvard University on 22nd March.
  2. Akhuwat introduced itself in a whirlwind tour of the US between March and April.
  3. Akhuwat helf an Anti- Poverty Vigil at Main Canal Road.
  4. Akhuwat hosted a Mega Disbursement Ceremony in Rawalpindi.
  5. Another Mega Disbursement Ceremony of the Chief Minister’s Self-Employment Scheme was hosted at Al-Hamra Art Cultural Complex, Lahore.
  6. Akhuwat attended the Islamic Microfinance Forum in Dubai on 08th.


  1. Akhuwat – CMSES Mega Disbursement ceremony was held in Faisalabad on August 25.
  2. Mega Loan Disbursement Ceremony was held at the Community Center, Islamabad on September 26.
  3. Akhuwat arranged the “Akhuwat Ka Safar” book launching ceremony at Al-Hamra Arts Council on October 12.
  4. Members of the Akhuwat board gave a lecture on Microfinance in Pakistan at Oxford University Pakistan Society, Kings College, Manchester University, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), and Cambridge University amongst others in October.
  5. Akhuwat held the 3rd Global Islamic Microfinance Forum in October.
  6. Akhuwat hosted a Christmas Cake Cutting Ceremony at the Cantt Church.
  7. Akhuwat was honored with the “I am the Change” Award on December 12.


  1. “Akhuwat Ka Safar’ book launch was held in Dubai on 30th January.
  2. A series of Akhuwat Fundraising Dinners were held in the USA from 27th of February to 13th of March.
  3. Grand Disbursement Ceremony of CMSES was held with Chief Minister of Punjab as the Chief Guest in April.
  4. Akhuwat’s organized its Annual Dinner at the Governor House, Lahore
  5. Akhuwat Clothes Bank was inaugurated at the Head Office in May.
  6. Akhuwat hosted an Iftar Dinner in Dubai on 18th July.
  7. Akhuwat homed the Interfaith Harmony Event at Youhanabad at Church & School and at St. Anthony’s High School.
  8. Akhuwat received the Ethical Finance Innovation Challenge and Awards on Wednesday 29th October.
  9. Akhuwat hosted the opening of its Head Office with Mr. Shoaib Sultan Khan in November.


  1. Akhuwat held the CMSES Programme at Al Hamra Open Theater in April.
  2. Akhuwat Ishtarak Project Disbursement was hosted at Rehmat Hospital with IDB the same month.
  3. Akhuwat opened a Gift Shop at the Akhuwat Head Office in May.
  4. Akhuwat celebrated Christmas at Saint Anthony’s School.
  5. Akhuwat hosted a Grand Clothes Disbursement ceremony at the Head Office.
  6. Akhuwat attended a Two Day Conference “Levering Qarz-a-Hasan to Alleviate Poverty” at UCP.
  7. Akhuwat FIRST was inaugurated on 15th November.
  8. Akhuwat held the Disbursement with the Pakistan Cricket Team at Akhuwat-Begum Trust Branch, Jamia Masjid Sadar Bazar, Lahore Cantt.
  9. Akhuwat Clothes Bank Vigil was organized at Liberty Chowk.
  10. Akhuwat College was inaugurated in Lahore on 07th October.
  11. Akhuwat – BISP Disbursement at Mian Meer Darbar, Lahore was organized.


  1. Akhuwat held a Mega Disbursement under CMSES in January Badshahi Mosque Lahore
  2. Akhuwat’s Push Cart Project was inaugurated in Lahore the same month.
  3. Akhuwat hosted a Community Policing Project with Punjab Police at the Head Office in February.
  4. Akhuwat College organized its 1st Annual dinner in March.
  5. Akhuwat FIRST held the International Conference on Biotechnology the same month.
  6. Akhuwat’s 500th branch was opened at Masjid Wazir Khan, Lahore on 17th April.
  7. Akhuwat celebrated World Book Day in collaboration with SOS Children’s Village.
  8. Akhuwat attended the 6th Global Islamic Microfinance Forum in Nairobi, Kenya.
  9. Akhuwat College hosted the 2nd Annual Dinner.
  10. Akhuwat organized a Christmas function at Central Cathedral in December.


  1. Dr Amjad Saqib spoke at United Nations on April.
  2. Dr Saqib presented Akhuwat ka Safar in the United Kingdom (Birmingham, Oxford, Cambridge and London) in June.
  3. Akhuwat attended a panel Discussion “An Interaction with Donor and Funding Agencies” in Cambodia on 25th
  4. Akhuwat was registered in the Uganda, Africa as a legal entity.
  5. Akhuwat attended the 30th RCCI Awards in Turkey.
  6. Dr Amjad Saqib spoke about Akhuwat ka Safar on an Independence day event in Sweden.
  7. On 30th December our Micro-Finance Branches reached up to 705.


  1. MoU Signing Ceremony between Akhuwat and Ali Akbar Group – Ali Akbar Group will provide technical assistance and discount on its products to the beneficiaries of Akhuwat. This will help the farmers to grow by using modern tools and technology.
  2. Celebrations of 50 billion disbursement – Mehfil-e-Tilawat-e-Quran. Akhuwat held a Mehfil-e-Tilawat-e-Quran, to express thankfulness to the boundless blessings of Allah Almighty, beautiful recital of Al-Quran by Qari Sadaqat Ali added to the joy of Akhuwat’s spectacular achievement. Mian Muhammad Rafique Rajwana, Governor of the Punjab attended the event.
  3. Akhuwat Sindh – disbursed more than a billion rupees with 100% recovery and Supporting more than 45,000 families
  4. Abdul Rehman Arif – a student of Akhuwat college Lahore has been granted a fully funded merit scholarship at Sukkur IBA University in the department of Electrical Engineering.
  5. Akhuwat’s Mega loan disbursement ceremonyat Badshahi Mosque Among 25,000 Families Under CM’s Self-Employment Scheme, an initiative that benefited 1.85 million households.
  6. Azmat Pakistan Foundation held a ceremony to pay tribute and share the success story of Akhuwat
  7. Akhuwat held a Mehfil-e-Tilawat-e-Quran-e-Pak in Faisalabad, on the occasion of achieving The milestone of 50 billion disbursement among the marginalized fellow citizens
  8. Akhuwat celebrated Its seventeen years of phenomenal success by hosting an auspicious annual dinner at Governor House, Lahore.
  9. Islamic Economic Organisation in collaboration with Istanbul University awarded this Year’s Islamic Economic Award to Akhuwat
  10. Highest Compliments for the citizens of “Shahar a Iqbal” – PKR 35 million raised for Akhuwat University in a dinner hosted by Deputy Commissioner Sialkot
  11. Akhuwat honors Sardar Ramesh Singh Arora and Amin Hafeez
  12. Dr Amjad Saqib sharing The Story Of Akhuwat at Al Banush Club, Messaied Industrial City Community, Qatar.
  13. Spreading the true sense of solidarity! Akhuwat extended its love towards 127 new families in Chitral. Disbursement of interest free loans and clothes among our beneficiaries in Chitral.

Akhuwat’s contribution to the unprivileged Community

  • Akhuwat’s Islamic Microfinance – Interest Free loans
  • Akhuwat’s Education
  • Akhuwat’s Clothes Bank
  • Akhuwat Khawajasira Support Program
  • Akhuwat Health Clinic