Embracing the spirit of solidarity, for the betterment of humankind.

Sufi music and poetry remains deeply relevant and loved by many, regardless of colour, caste, or creed. For thousands of years, Sufi teachings have centred around love for a higher power, and compassion for one another. These teachings have stood the test of time, transcended generational boundaries.

The devotional music of the Sufis is inspired by the poetry and teachings of renowned Sufi poets and scholars, such as Rumi, Baba Bulleh Shah, and many more. Sufi music has struck a chord in the hearts of many, acting to unite humanity in spite of their differences, across the world.

Akhuwat’s Sufi Program was a live online webinar and virtual concert hosted by Hina Abidi and Azhar Hameed as part of an effort to raise money for the Akhuwat Corona Imdadi Fund. The program was open to listeners of Sufi music anywhere in the world, featuring nine acclaimed Pakistani vocal artists from across several musical genres, including Ali Zafar, Shafqat Ali Khan, Ali Sethi, Haroon Rashid, and Rafaqat Ali Khan.

Despite these artists’ differing musical styles, each came together in an effort to pledge their support to raise consciousness regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Pakistan. Using Sufi and Patriotic music to spread a universal message of love, hope, unity, and faith in humanity, the artists synergised for a cause larger than themselves; brotherhood with the needy and deserving.

Performing songs such as Aaqa, and Dil Se Pakistan, for hundreds of virtual attendees, the program was an astounding success, and the program was able to raise substantial donations for the Corona Imdadi Fund. Each webinar Akhuwat has held has acted to target a different audience, each time in the hope of reaching a new group of people who will embrace the spirit of solidarity, and take it upon themselves to practice this philosophy in their daily lives; bringing us all closer to Akhuwat’s vision of a poverty-free society built upon the principles of compassion, and equality.

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