The Akhuwat Fellowship Program

The Akhuwat Fellowship Program seeks to build and cultivate a community of changemakers, creative entrepreneurs and moral leaders committed to making a difference. It will serve as a platform enabling people and organizations to unlock their potential to drive social change. Through virtual trainings and sessions, the Fellowship will equip them with the courage to […]

Khwajasira Community for Employment and Recruitment at Unilever Pakistan.

On the 19th of July, Akhuwat KSP conducted an Awareness Session with our Khwajasira Community for Employment and Recruitment at Unilever Pakistan. We started off with the introduction of partnership between the two organizations. As the first step, we took an English baseline test for assessing their English Language and helping them hone their English […]

Main Molu Musali Hun

   سہیل وڑائچ 02 جولائی ، 2019   اخوت والے ڈاکٹر امجد ثاقب سے میرا درد کا رشتہ ہے، وہ مولو مصلیوں سے محبت کرتے ہیں اور میں خود مولو مصلّی ہوں۔ گو میری اور مولو کی ذات برادری الگ ہے لیکن جب بھی میری روح کا استحصال ہوا، جب بھی مجھے نفرت اور حقارت […]

Dr Amjad Saqib Meets Vice President, World Bank- Washington DC

Meeting a distinguished economist and a great Pakistani, former CSP, Vice President at World Bank and an acclaimed author, at his Potomac residence in Washington DC. Akhuwat is included as a chapter in his forthcoming book. Accompanied is, his nephew, Mr Azhar Hameed, President Akhuwat USA.

The Journey Of Akhuwat Continues In USA

The journey of Akhuwat continues in the US of A. It was wonderful meeting Prof. Akbar. S. Ahmed – Ibn-e-Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies at The American University and the former High Commissioner of Pakistan to the United Kingdom and Ireland. With Mr. Mumtaz Khan, Dr. Amineh Hoti, Ms. Elisa Frost and Mr. Azhar Hameed […]

Sakina Halal Grill- You Are Indeed, Akhuwat Too

Sakina Halal Grill, a restaurant which gives free food every day to dozens of homeless in Washington DC, USA. Great moments with this amazing Pakistani, Kazi Mannan – A great man from Jehlum who came to the US and started his own restaurant, a few blocks away from the White House – If you’re hungry […]