It is estimated that about 2 Million people in Pakistan are suffering from Cornea blindness. These people are not just oscillating between helplessness and extreme financial vulnerability, but are also spending each day holding onto the hope of a better life.

Akhuwat, with the support of Madam Zahra Ilahi, has collaborated with Mayo Hospital with the mission of lighting up the lives of those whose world is shrouded in darkness.

Akhuwat will donate Corneas from the deceased to Mayo Hospital that will be conducting Free-of-Cost Cornea Surgeries. Akhuwat Cornea Bank aims to give the gift of sight back to all the 11% people in Pakistan that suffer from blindness every year. The project is catered specifically towards the poor and deserving, who cannot afford to get a Cornea Implant otherwise.

Take a pledge with Akhuwat, and donate your Cornea to make an impact for eternity.