Qaim Khatoon

Profession : Stitching Clothe

QAIM KHATOON experienced the whiplashes of life after the death of her husband. She and her 2 kids were left alone at the mercy of ruthless relatives who choose not to help them. All her hopes were tethered to the only Almighty Allah and she believed that He will make a way out for us out of this misery.

Then one day her friend took her to Akhuwat’s office. She applied for a loan of PKR. 15000 and bought 2 sewing machines. She began to make and sell Rallis. This allowed her to earn an honorable living enabling her to provide basic needs of life to her kids. Today she is self-sufficient in providing for her children.

“Akhuwat an interest-free microfinancing organization seemed more like an angel sent by God to help the abandoned beings like me and my kids. It’s all due to the help of Akhuwat and their sincerity in fulfilling their duty of serving the mankind. I wish them good fortune and success in all their endeavors.” Says Qaim khatoon.

Bhain Bibi

Profession : Stitching Clothe

“I am Bhain bibi and I have a family of 5 members. I am stitching clothes for the past 12 years. I was living a prosperous life with my family when my husband met with an accident that paralyzed him for life. This marked for my family the beginning of hardships. My son then began to work as labourer to earn for the family but his income remains inconsistent.

As the time passed, my family was grappled in the hands of misery and helplessness. Our relatives left us and everyone turned their back – who helps you in the time of need? One-time meal became a luxury for us. Then one day, a woman from our neighborhood approached me and guided about Akhuwat and its interest-free loans. I felt that Allah

finally blessed me with a way out of misery. I reached Akhuwat’s office and what I found was true to my expectations. The team listened to my story closely, they empathized with me and approved my application of interest-free loan for PKR. 15000. With the loan money, I bought a cart for my son that enabled him to earn regularly and a sewing machine for myself that I use to earn al livelihood for my family. I am grateful to the team of Akhuwat and I pray they acquire success by leaps and bounds. May Allah Almighty endow them with success in all their ventures.” Says Bhain Bibi.


City: Liyari town Karachi
Profession : Stitching Clothes

Shama is living in Liyari town Karachi along with 5 family members. She was living a prosperous life with her family when her younger sister had a stroke of paralysis. Shama and her husband had to borrow a considerable amount, after spending all the savings they had,

to meet medical expenses of Shama’s sister. However, in spite of thousands prayers, one day shama’s sister left this world for eternal peace. Now, they were suffering not only the loss of their sister but became indebted as well. Then one day, a woman from their neighborhood approached Shama and guided her about Akhuwat and its interest-free loans. She came to Akhuwat’s office and was provided loan of PKR 20,000. She started sewing clothes by purchasing sewing machines with amount of loan. Now, she is earning handsome amount from this sewing business to clear her debt and to resume early prosperous life.


Profession : Stitching Clothes

“My name is Zaib-Un-Nisa and I am sole bread earner of my family of 4. For sustaining my family, I am stitching clothes for 5 years. But despite my hard work I was never able to earn sufficiently to fulfill my family needs. My entire village was facing the same problem and it seemed it was due to the circulating interest in the village.

As some banks which were working in our village providing loan on interest basis. Then one day, the team of Akhuwat came to visit our village and enlightened us about the perils of Interest. Their words moved the villagers and many applied to Akhuwat for Interest-free loan. I also got a loan of PKR. 15000/- As I re-started my work with the interest-free loan, I noticed a healthy increase in my earnings. Previously my profit stood at PKR. 200 but then it increased to PKR. 400. I believe it is all the blessings of Interest-free loan. I pray for Akhuwat’s prosperity and continued success. They are definitely doing a great service and may the Almighty endows upon them His blessings for good.” Says Zaib-un-issa.