Without Charity By Yasir Habib Khan

Without Charity Yasir Habib Khan July 12, 2015 Lack of awareness and motivation on the part of the khwaja saras are identified as main reasons that keep the community deprived of their right to zakat funds The ‘others’. — Photo by Rahat Dar “We khwaja saras are doomed!” says Kashi alias Raakhi, a resident of Nishtar […]

Road to Glory By Rana Rizwan Hussain

Book Review: Akhuwat Ka Safar by Dr. Amjad Saqib The book ‘Akhuwat ka Safar’ is not merely a travelogue but it is an inspiration which casts its enchanting effect upon soft hearted people. It is a piece of guidance which leads the noble minds to the way of making an eternal contribution to this mortal world. It […]

Creating Little Islands Of Hope By Agha Akbar

Creating little islands of hope FEBRUARY 8, 2014 BY AGHA AKBAR Interview: Dr. Amjad Saqib That is the business of Akhuwat, and in the process it has given microfinance a whole new dimension, an entirely different meaning   He is the progenitor of the idea of interest-free microfinance as well as the driving force behind Akhuwat. It […]

An Altruistic Odyssey By Syed Asfar Sajid

To the cherished realm of philanthropy  A young, bespectacled gentleman, self-composed but a little reticent, an administrator in the making with a background of medical education – this is what I observed in my maiden encounter with Dr. Amjad Saqib in the year 1990 when he was holding the office of assistant commissioner, Chiniot. What […]

Charitable Giving: Donation-Based Model Of Banking By Humayon Dar

Charitable giving: Donation- based model of banking By Humayon Dar Published: December 29, 2013 The money raised could be used for giving interest-free business loans. CREATIVE COMMONS LONDON: The conventional banking model is based on deposits. Banks accept deposits and use the money to offer interest-bearing loans to individuals and businesses. This is a standard model used all over […]

‘Does Faith Matter?’ By Ajaz Ahmed Khan

By Ajaz Ahmed Khan, Microfinance Advisor at CARE International   Does an association with faith encourage more prompt repayment of microloans and are the staff of faith-inspired microfinance institutions more motivated?   After recently returning from a visit to Pakistan, where I was analysing the operations of an Islamic microfinance institution, I am tempted to answer […]