Akhuwat: Making Microfinance Work By Kamal Munir

Akhuwat: Making Microfinance   Work A groundbreaking microfinance model is bringing out the best in society. By Kamal Munir Feb. 9, 2012 In recent years, microfinance has come under the spotlight for the wrong reason. The darling of international donor agencies for at least two decades, this market-led approach to poverty alleviation is now accused of causing […]

Peace Redefined By Akhuwat – Abdul Basit Khawaja.

Peace redefined by Akhuwat.     Signing of MOU with Dr. Amjad Saqib, Executive Director, Akhuwat For me and the 12 other cyclists, the voyage was life changing and inspirational. From the outlook of it, many people will conclude it as an activity which would have tested our physical fitness only. I tend to disagree […]

A Dose of Akhuwat By Saad Malik

A Dose of Akhuwat  By Saad Malik   I was once told that poverty is another name for being alone. Such a definition causes one to conceptualize poverty beyond material deprivation, beyond a lack of basic necessities; it reveals a state of helplessness and despair.  In this way, poverty is as much a state of mind […]

Dr Amjad Saqib and Akhuwat Foundation By Danish Umer

Dr Amjad Saqib and Akhuwat Foundation. By Danish Umer   The mission of  Boltakarachi is to  highlight positive side of Pakistan . roda1969@yahoo.com In this article we will try to discuss the great achievements of  Dr Amjad Saqib (Sitara-a-Pakistan)  and its brain child Akhuwat Foundation. Dr Amjad Saqib is founder of Akhuwat, first ever interest free microfinance programme. This programme operates from mosques […]

Akhuwat Versus Other Agendas By Jalees Hazir

Akhuwat versus other agendas May 23, 2010 Jalees Hazir Whenever we meet, an elderly friend expresses his disgust at the unending stories in the media about corruption, violence and abuse of power. Convinced that this trend only goes to feed despondency in the society, he would like to see something positive being reported, something that […]

Akhuwat: A Role Model For All Microfinance Institutions By d-sector.org

Akhuwat: A role model for all micro-finance institutions By d-sector Team 25 Jan 2010 Amidst reports of some micro-finance institutions of India preparing to bring out public issue of their shares, claiming attractive returns from the ‘lucrative’ business of distributing high interest rate loans to poor, an NGO in Pakistan has proved that if one wants […]

The Interest-Free Microfinance Option By Nimra Amjad

  THE INTEREST-FREE MICROFINANCE OPTION     Published in: Triple Bottom Line Author: Nimra Amjad Date: October, 2009 Akhuwat was doing for conventional microfinance what Professor Muhammad Yunus had done for conventional banking in the late 1970s it was showing that things could be done differently, and that the ‘accepted wisdom’ could be challenged Dr. […]

Story of Interest Free Brotherhood By Fakhra Hassan

Story of Interest Free Brotherhood: By Fakhra Hassan Published in NGO World November-December 2007. www.thengoworld.com Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and various Rural Support Programmes (RSPs) have been major players in the micro-finance sector in Pakistan, which, according to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) is still a relatively new concept compared to other developing countries, NGOs […]